Solving Problems in the Workplace Policy

Basis for Policy

The Research Foundation (RF) recognizes that from time to time employees will have concerns or disputes over the application of work rules or policies and procedures. The Foundation strives to be sensitive to the individual concerns of its employees and to resolve any concerns expeditiously. In order to address employees' concerns in the workplace and resolve them in a timely manner, the Research Foundation has adopted this policy for solving problems in the workplace.


The Research Foundation of State University of New York is committed to protecting the legitimate interests of its employees. Employees should not be subjected to violation, misrepresentation or improper application of any laws, rules, procedures, regulations, administrative orders, or work rules of the Research Foundation directly affecting the terms and conditions of employment.

It is Research Foundation policy to attempt a quick and fair resolution of problems that arise in the course of employment. No complainant will be retaliated against or treated adversely by reason of initiating a complaint. Decisions that are made in accordance with this policy and related procedure shall not add to, subtract from, or otherwise alter any other Research Foundation policies or practices.

The procedure for solving problems in the workplace is available to all current and former employees of the Research Foundation. Fellows and independent contractors are not covered by this procedure. In the case of contractors, individual contractual agreements will cover disputes.

Informing Employees

At new employee orientation time, employees should be provided with the Procedure for Solving Problems in the Workplace. Refer to RF Policies and Procedure Handouts.



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